Winter Mob Match Teams Registration

Monday 7th December 2020 - Thursday 14th January 2021

Event Details


Mob Match Team Registration

Welcome to the entry page for the Mob Match Teams.
This is where you as a Team Captain register your Team name into the Mob Match competition.

Click the Event Details link above or use this LINK for more information and rules for Mob Match - there are some slight differences from the last competition so be sure to check them out before you enter.

Be sure to register in the band you feel is most apt for your team depending on the eligibility and band limits.

If you also wish to register a team into the Warrior Competition, just select the Warrior option on the entry page.

When all the teams have registered and the matches have been drawn, we’ll send you the link for your team members to use to register into your match. Once your match opens, your runners enter it, choose an (eligible) 5k route, run it, submit their time then we’ll do all the rest – it’s that simple. 


TEAM ENTRY: By 13/01/21

WARRIOR TEAM NOMINATIONS : No less than 48 hours before your match starts

As we don’t know how many teams will enter per band, we may have to be creative when doing the draws to keep things well matched. All teams will play in at least 3 matches.

Current Expected Dates:

Thurs 14/1/21 – Noon Mon 18/1/21:  
Mob Match Group matches    - Round 1
Mob Match Warriors              - Round 1 - Top 16 teams through to the next round
Thurs 21/1/21 – Noon Mon 25/1/21:     
Mob Match Group matches    - Round 2
Mob Match Warriors               - Round 2 - Top 8 teams through to the next round
Thurs 28/1/21 – Noon Mon 01/2/21:
Mob Match Group matches    - Round 3
Mob Match Warriors               - Round 3 - Top 4 teams through to the next round
Thurs 4/2/21 – Noon Mon 8/2/21:
Mob Match:                            - Semi-Finals
Mob Match Warriors:             - Semi-Final
Thurs 11/2/21 – Noon Mon 15/2/21 
Mob Match:                            - Finals
Mob Match Warrior:               - Final 

Entry Options
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Refund Policy

Refunds & Cancellations
Team Entry refunds will be issued at the Race Organiser’s discretion. For a refund to be considered, full details must be emailed to us for consideration no later than 07/01/2021. We do not refund booking fees that were applied on top of the base Entry fee paid. 

We hold the rights to amend/cancel any aspect of an event at late notice. Cancellation of this virtual event will only ever be a last resort for us. If it possible to reschedule the event to a different date in the same calendar year then all entries will be automatically transferred to the new date. 

Mon 07 Dec 2020 at 00:00
Thu 14 Jan 2021 at 12:00
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