Mob Match - Individual Entry

Thursday 18th February 2021 - Monday 22nd February 2021

Virtual Details

Welcome to the Last Hurrah - One last week of Mob Match.

A few hardy souls have come back for one more match. We’ve matched you as fairly as we could, tweaking the rules for some matches but hopefully it will all work out beautifully.

It works just like the previous rounds, just scroll down, find and enter your match  (make sure you select the Confirm button), choose your (eligible) 5k route, run it, and submit your time.

When you’ve entered, please check that you are on the Starters List and that your team is correct. If you do not appear on the Starters list you have not entered successfully - email us!

Entries are open now, runs must take place between Thursday to Monday morning and the deadline for submitting your time is NOON on Monday.

We'll be posting updates on our Facebook event page - just click the Facebook logo on the left of the 'Results' button at the top of this screen.

Last Hurrah Dates:
Tue  16/02/21: Individual registration opens online.
Thur  18/02/21: Matches open 
Mon  22/02/21: Match closes at Noon

Match 1: Styal Running Club -V- We Run Edgworth (max limit 20 per team)
Match 2: Stockport Harriers -V- Wilmslow Running Club (max limit 125 per team)
Match 3: Chorlton -V- Macclesfield Harriers & Running Bear running club (unlimited)
Match 4: Bollington Harriers -V- Stockport Tri Club (unlimited entries but top 75 runners to count)

Thank you all so much for supporting us, we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

Have a great match and stay safe! 


Entry cost is per team, not per runner so you will not pay a fee to enter your match.

Every finisher counts towards the team score (unless otherwise agreed), having the fastest runners doesn’t guarantee your team the win but the number of runners you get out could just do it for you.

General rules:

  • any member of your team/club/group plus their parents and their children (aged 11+)  are eligible to run for you
  • only runs/walks started and completed within the match dates will be accepted
  • your 5k must start and end at the same place OR have no more than 15m overall descent
  • time taken is your elapsed time, not your moving time
  • You can update your time if you run a faster 5k during your mob match - e-mail us at if you need to do this

There are full details of the rules and the entered teams/groups here: Mob Match Rules & Instructions

Your team captains are permitted to amend eligibility rules in agreement with your opposing team's captain so be sure you and your route are still eligible before you head out.

Please read the instructions before setting out on your attempt


Virtual Event Rules 


Check and follow the current Government Covid-19 guidelines whilst running

  1. Apply social distancing to stay clear/give priority to pedestrians and people using public spaces.
  2. If not using the designated route consider using an online route plotter to work out your route. We favour Plot-a-Route– it’s very  simple to use (other planners are available)
  3. Carefully select your route and consider elevations, distances, any access restrictions – you must only use Public Rights of Way, consider the effect of social distancing on your planned route (canal towpaths etc) and the period of time you will be exercising. Try to avoid popular running/walking routes or busy parks
  4. Consider the weather on the day of your run and dress accordingly
    If you are feeling unwell or have any medical conditions that could be affected by taking part in the challenge, wait until you are better before attempting the challenge.
    As per your normal run/walks there is no first aid cover for this challenge. If you don’t normally do so, please consider informing someone of where you are going and to check in with them on your return. Also, if possible, carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with your details.

    The challenge is run under UKA rules which should be followed by all participants

Entry Options - Age 11 - 94 on Thu 11 Feb 2021
There are no options available at this time please check back later

Thu 18 Feb 2021 at 00:00
Mon 22 Feb 2021 at 12:00
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